Market analysis

Understanding how your market works and what customers want is vital. Industry analysis and market research can identify where to focus your efforts.

Market analysis

Market analysis - overview

Start here for our quick guide to how to analyse and understand data on your market, customers, competitors, trends and opportunities.

A businesswoman carries out market research online

Using the internet for research

Understanding how to use the internet efficiently can help you find the information you want more easily, and be sure it's reliable.

A marketing team meet to discuss the findings of their desk-based market research

Introduction to desk-based market research

宝贝求我我就停下来,你快一点好不好我快要到了 Market research can provide you with a lot of extremely useful information, much of it for free. Read our introduction to market research.

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Checklist for customer satisfaction

Retaining customers is cheaper than finding new ones. Customers become repeat purchasers because they like your product and appreciate your service.

A viewfinder

Keeping your eyes on the competition

宝贝求我我就停下来,你快一点好不好我快要到了 Businesses need to spend more time watching their backs and looking at what their competitors are up to, according to our market research expert.


What can businesses learn from price comparison sites?

宝贝求我我就停下来,你快一点好不好我快要到了 Price comparison websites do a great job helping consumers find good deals, but they can also be useful to small business owners if used properly.

A main checks the lable on a bottle of wine to assess the value for money.

A guide to price comparison websites

宝贝求我我就停下来,你快一点好不好我快要到了 Price comparison websites are valuable tools to help you analyse competitors and check out price fluctuations. We guide you through the key sites.