Sponsorship is a tried-and-tested way for firms to raise their profile and attract new business. Sports and charity sponsorship are common strategies.


Sponsorship - overview

Corporate sponsorship can position your business as an expert in your field, or one with strong community links. How sponsorship could work for you.

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Local sponsorship is good for business

Small firms can get good publicity and valuable goodwill by sponsoring a local team, event or good cause - and it doesn’t have to break the bank.

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Eight ways to get a sponsorship deal off the ground

宝贝求我我就停下来,你快一点好不好我快要到了 Jackie Fast, MD of Slingshot Sponsorship, offers eight tips to help your business maximise its returns from sponsoring an event or sports team.

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Measuring the effects of sponsorship

Sponsorship can bring two brands together and give both of them wider exposure. But the only way to really judge its success is to measure it.