Email marketing

宝贝求我我就停下来,你快一点好不好我快要到了Email marketing is fast and cheap, while enabling businesses to target messages to the right people at the right time. Find out how to do it.

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Email marketing - overview

Start here - how to get your email marketing right, from building a recipient list to targeting your message and measuring success.

Your email marketing campaign checklist

Your email marketing campaign checklist

Emails are a popular marketing method. As the costs are low, they’re simple to set up and it’s relatively easy to track responses and measure success.

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Email newsletter FAQs

宝贝求我我就停下来,你快一点好不好我快要到了 Covering timing, frequency and content, Tim Watson provides answers to some frequently asked questions about creating and sending email newsletters.

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How images affect your email marketing success

宝贝求我我就停下来,你快一点好不好我快要到了 Email marketing offers superb potential, but the design of your emails and the images you use can make or break a campaign says Matt Bird.