Online and PPC advertising

宝贝求我我就停下来,你快一点好不好我快要到了Unlike traditional advertising, online advertising can deliver visitors immediately - through a simple click on your ad with measurable results.

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Online and PPC advertising - overview

宝贝求我我就停下来,你快一点好不好我快要到了Our overview of the different ways to advertise online, how you pay for online ads, and how to make sure your ads are cost-effective

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A guide to Microsoft Advertising

宝贝求我我就停下来,你快一点好不好我快要到了 What is Microsoft Advertising and how does it differ from Google Ads. What Microsoft Advertising costs. How to use Microsoft Advertising to get better results from your PPC advertising

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Eight free tools for Google Ads

Google offers a range of free tools to help you get the most out of your Google Ads campaign. Read our guide to what they can offer your business.

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How we attract customers through search marketing

宝贝求我我就停下来,你快一点好不好我快要到了 How Peter and Angela Bishop use search engine optimisation and pay-per-click advertising to grow their ecommerce jewellery business The Little Things.

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Managing your Google Ads costs

Google Ads puts cost control into your hands. But managing both costs and return on investment means testing, analysis and regular adjustments.

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Nine steps to choosing Google Ads keywords

宝贝求我我就停下来,你快一点好不好我快要到了 Well-chosen keywords and phrases ensure that your pay-per-click ad is found by the right people looking for products and services just like yours.

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Setting up a pay-per-click campaign

Getting noticed is the key to selling goods online. Pay-per-click advertising not only attracts attention, but can help convert interest into sales.

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Where to advertise online

Where you can advertise online. Options for search advertising, social media, display advertising and free advertising, and what they offer

Self employed women writing a pay-per-click ad at home on her laptop

Writing a pay-per-click ad

How to write an effective pay-per-click ad. A tailored approach to writing PPC ads that will attract the right visitors and improve cost-effectiveness